Our company provides a full range of advertising and exhibition services, from the design of exhibition stands and full construction, to the decoration of retail outlets, design of conferences, forums, and presentation events. By understanding the goals and objectives of your business, we can find a more effective way to solve them in the advertising and exhibition field of activity.


Today, in an era of ever-increasing competition, the company's visualization becomes one of the top priorities for business.
Participation in the exhibition, aimed at attracting attention to company's goods, services, technologies, assumes a high-quality supply of material.
The most important role in this process is played by the external appearance of the exhibition stand, since it is the first impression that can attract,
and push forward the potential clients.
It is important that the design of the exhibition stand should involve professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge in the exhibition area.
"INTEREXPO" is one of the oldest companies on the Russian market.
Our experience allows us to solve the problems most effectively, as evidenced by hundreds (thousands?)
thankful customers of our company.


Any advertising and exhibition event requires good preparation, which can not be done without a high-quality
equipment and highly qualified specialists. "INTEREXPO" company successfully solves similar problems
for several decades. Due to the fact that we are part of the largest holding company in the exhibition industry,
we managed to achieve great success in the field of optimization of production processes, while not reducing the quality, which,
in turn, allows us to form a flexible pricing policy that is not achievable for the majority of companies in this market.
Effective interaction with other holding companies that have their own production resources,
qualified experts, a automotive assets, in a combination to the correctly built mechanism with exhibition platforms -
all of this allows us to significantly save the money of our customers, while achieving the maximum results.


Preparation and holding of an advertising, presentation, corporate event is always a big responsibility
and the painstaking work of dozens of specialists. We are ready to offer our professional services in this field - from the graphic
decoration of premises or open areas to the construction of scenes, podiums, auxiliary structures and installation of lighting devices.
Our experience allows us to carry out the whole range of works with the highest quality, in a short time, and with a completely reasonable
pricing. Among our clients are both the largest Russian companies and foreign companies operating on the Russian market.


An original, bright, memorable office or outlet is an obvious and very effective way to stand out
in a competitive environment and can increase customer loyalty to your company or brand.
Based on our many years of experience in the design and construction of exhibition facilities, today we are ready to offer
you services for decorating offices, retail outlets, pavilions. Our designers will develop for you an individual
project taking into account the specifics of your business, and the production department will perform the entire spectrum of manufacturing individual designs.
Also we will ensure timely delivery and a full range of construction and installation works.